Wendy Maternity

What a pleasure it was to shoot Wendy’s maternity session with her two daughters at the gorgeous venue of Majestic Kuala Lumpur. Seeing how gracefully she carried herself, one wouldn’t have been able to guess that she was carrying twins then! Talk about wonder mama.

It’s always a pleasure for us to shoot different milestones for our clients so having Wendy call us again to shoot this gorgeously styled maternity session was definitely a huge honour.

If you’d like to mark the memorialise your pregnancy with a classic maternity session, feel free to drop us a message here at Adam Ong Photography as we believe that milestones like these should be documented.

Beloved MingLin+ShengFeng

Despite having shot literally hundreds of pre-weddings since I started my career, there’s always a few which will always be etched in my memory. Ming Lin and Sheng Feng’s pre-wedding in Beijing and Shangri-La China is one of them.

We were blessed with decent weather throughout at the gorgeous locations and this beloved couple were also accommodating and easy to shoot, making the entire session feel even more fun that it could have been.

Another factor which helped was the fact that Ming Lin and Sheng Feng chose not to have conventional bridal wear which could’ve been cumbersome for them to move around in. I feel that thanks to their choice of being in comfortable yet smart looking outfits, combined with Panny’s skilful make up skills as well as their relaxed demeanour, I ended up having a hard time choosing my favourite images for this blogpost.