Alrease+BanEu ~ Prague Czech Republic

Everyone can take a picture, but not everyone can recreate emotions in their art of photography. Those were the first few thoughts that went through our head when choosing a photographer. Someone who's style is genuine, does not overly edit the pictures and most importantly someone who can bring me back the wonderful experience of my photo shoot every time I look back at the pictures. "A photo shoot last for a day, but great memories last a lifetime" right? 

Our photo shoot day started with the usual, jet-lagged, last-minute changed of plans, 3 hours sleep, dragging ourselves out during the super cold autumn morning, hungry, and still half asleep in a foreign country. At that very moment, I was thinking if these are what the horror pre-wedding photo shoots stories are made of?

Once the shoot begin, everything suddenly brighten up instantly! Adam always has a way to make us feel so comfortable and lighten our spirit with his sense of laughter and joy. His passion truly outshines through his lenses every time he takes a shot.... and before we know it the last shutter clicked and it was time to wrap up our photo shoot. With the last light of sunset coming down on us we felt truly blessed that they whole day was perfect in every way.

Up until one year later, we can still retrace the lovely memories every time we look back at our photographs.... 

Thank you to Adam Ong and Frame[S]tudio for such an amazing and memorable pre-wedding shoot.

- Alrease + BanEu