An celebratory event, blending two cultures into one. Emmanuel looking sharp in traditional Chinese wedding costume with huge red fabric ribbon-ties hanging on his chest, he yelled: “ I’m ready for you, Chloe!”, echoed by his fellow groomsmen. 

On the other side, Chloe aware of the boisterous cheers outside, is seen calm while getting ready to be dressed in Kua – a traditional Chinese wedding gown. Up close and personal at Chloe’s designer wedding shoes: it is covered with rich embroidery which form the motifs which symbolized double happiness in marriage. 

Emmanuel slowly walked up the spiral staircase towards his bride. Before joining Chloe, he read his vows using a hailer to amusement and laughter of everyone. I am sure, Emmanuel’s sense of humor is one of the many characteristics which Chloe was swooned by.