Adam is, without a doubt, our ultimate choice for our wedding photography since Brendan proposed to me in 2019. We love his photography style, joyful personality and utmost attention to details. He is indeed one of the most talented and passionate photographers out there! We always have so much fun with Adam, from our pre-wedding trip, to our ROM ceremony and to our actual wedding day and reception as well. He ensures that we are comfortable throughout our wedding experiences which can be tiring and forceful. This is clearly shown in his works. Nevertheless, we truly love all our photos! We will definitely continue having Adam for all our future special occasions!


Adam is such a wonderful person/photographer to have on your wedding/important day(s) of your life. We loved his portfolio from the very start as we have always believe you can look at a picture for a second and think of it all your life, and Adam did it! He went beyond our expectations and has an eye for detail. He captured our pre-wedding and our wedding day perfectly. The artistic flair that he incorporated into the pictures he took makes every single one of them original, and candy to the eyes that we will cherish every day. Thank you for all of your efforts. We are so happy with the results and the lasting memories we now have through imagery of our guests! He's such a gift and it was such a pleasure to have Adam there and be part of the best/important day of our lives! Adam is officially our favourite photographer, and we will not hesitate to use him again in the future. Thank you so much Adam!


Had my ROM moments captured by Adam and it was totally awesome. We were worried as rain were pouring from early morning but Adam still managed to capture all these amazing pictures professionally and we felt really comfortable during the process as me and my husband were camera-shy. Words can't describe how happy and satisfied with all the beautiful images taken by Adam and we totally recommend him for marriage photoshoot! 

Jacquelyne AND YEW HORNG

If youre looking for a honest imagery, emotion and real kind of photo, Adam Ong Photography is the right photographer to go to. Adam has been very patient, kind, joyful and helpful during the whole photoshoot session.

we have enjoyed our ROM photoshoot session with him and we love our photos!

Thanks Adam

ben and li anne

Adam and his team were a joy to work with. He came highly recommended and we were very impressed by his portfolio. Yet, we were still totally blown away by the end product he delivered of our big day. Everything was fuss-free, on time and he was very accommodating. Adam just knew how to ease us, our family members & guests into capturing the perfect pictures. His ability to capture those fleeting & candid moments was the absolute highlight for Ben and I. Thank you Adam!

Our hearts are so full each time we open up our pictures and are reminded of what a wonderful day it was. We look forward to future event & shoots together!!

Love, Ben & Li Anne <3

Joseph and Racheal Kwacz (US)

"If you’re a bride debating between photographers and wondering just how important this investment is? Take a deep breath and just hire Adam and you will be so happy when you see his magic! My husband and I researched for months and months, weighing so many pros and cons, but I kept on coming back to Adam’s amazing eye for the little details. He has an incredible sense of style and the way he composes a photo is art in itself. It all breathes romance and love with dreamy details...and there is no posey-posey cheesy shots. It is all real and candid and so very special. We met up with him and he was both so nice and not intense which we really appreciated. J and I had such a good feeling when we met him we hired him immediately! On your wedding day, there are seventeen hundred and thirty two things calling for your attention, so to have someone following you the whole day on top of your planner, videographers, second shooter, make up artist, you can just imagine how grateful we were that he was so pleasant to be around! Our little ninja just snapped away, and half the time I didn’t even know he was in the room except for when I would catch his eye and he would smile back and say it’s all good. When we got back our pictures, my mind was blown with all the moments that he had captured. He didn’t just capture my vows, but he captured the moment I put on my shoes, getting ready to meet my husband for the first time that day, and all that that meant to me. He captured, me hugging my best friend from across the room, and I am completely relaxed and so very excited. He captured that split second I looked up at my husband completely in awe and he captured all the little details that the bridal magazines cooed over because he made them look so crazy gorgeous!

I wouldn’t trade a million dollars for these photos, Adam didn’t just give me beautiful inside look into our wedding day through his craft, but he also gave us memories and the little but so very sacred stolen moments of the day that we will treasure for the rest of our lives."

I couldn’t recommend him enough!


I’d say engaging Adam Ong Photography as my wedding photographer is my best investment! Looking at all his works regardless newborn or overseas photoshoot, if time can turn back I wished he can shoot my prewed as well! He has a good eye for attention to detail, OCD in his works and angle and never let any setback compromise his photos!

Initially I was abit concern that my wedding will not be as glamorous and decorative as the other weddings that he is famously known for taking. But I’m glad that with my theme of simplicity he managed to surpass my expectations of subtlety, rawness and artistic. Not mainstream editing but a picture that paints a thousand word. I was very nervous and worried on the actual day but his ability to control the situation and confidence in directing me makes me feel so relaxed. Not to mention he does a good job in crowd control when comes to family / group photo takings!

I wished we talked more during the wedding to get to know him as he’s a wonderful person to work with. A lot of my friends who had their photos taken complimented him and love their pictures and I never stop recommending him till today. I hope to engage him again in the future!

Can’t say it enough but thank you for being so accommodating and making me feel emotional whenever I looked back my wedding photos.

Every emotion is captured every sentiment is savoured.

Till we meet again!

Ye Vonn + Nicholas

Our journey with Adam began in London for our pre-wedding photography back in 2016. We came to know about Adam through word of mouth and recommendation from friends as one of the best photographers, and true enough.. we were stuck with him ever since..

It sure sounds like an easy task to simply grab a camera, click the shutter and toss the images into photoshop. But what’s fascinating about Adam is that he is unbelievably talented in capturing candid moments, without us feeling as though as we were posing for a camera. We acted as ourselves throughout the entire time and I think that is the beauty of real photography.

When I flipped through our albums by Adam, I don’t see just an image or images. I was drowned in a entire breathtaking story. I still remember all the BTS for our pre-wed and the heart fluttering moments of our wedding day. Adam has definitely delivered above expectations and we are truly glad that we chose Adam to be with us in our journey and hopefully for many more years to come.

I wish I could write more in a review because I have so much of wonderful things to share; but in short, Adam is an exemplary photographer with natural talent and a great personality. We love you Adam, and the memories and bond that we have will never fade away.

KElvin & Jyy Huey

Is an absolute dream to have Adam to take our pre-wedding photos in Paris and many more photos for each stage of our lives. He has captured each meaningful moment in the way exactly how we remember it to be. There are seriously no words to describe how talented and amazing Adam and his team are!

Thanks for capturing all the memories which we will cherish forever. Thanks for being so supportive and always make us feel good and look good during our photo shoot and in our photos. We must say that we are absolutely addicted to have our photos taken by Adam and his team! We would strongly recommend Adam and his team without any hesitation!

Love you guys!


Everyone can take a picture, but not everyone can recreate emotions in their art of photography. Those were the first few thoughts that went through our head when choosing a photographer. Someone who's style is genuine, does not overly edit the pictures and most importantly someone who can bring me back the wonderful experience of my photo shoot every time I look back at the pictures. "A photo shoot last for a day, but great memories last a lifetime" right? 

Our photo shoot day started with the usual, jet-lagged, last-minute changed of plans, 3 hours sleep, dragging ourselves out during the super cold autumn morning, hungry, and still half asleep in a foreign country. At that very moment, I was thinking if these are what the horror pre-wedding photo shoots stories are made of? Once the shoot begin, everything suddenly brighten up instantly! Adam always has a way to make us feel so comfortable and lighten our spirit with his sense of laughter and joy. His passion truly outshines through his lenses every time he takes a shot.... and before we know it the last shutter clicked and it was time to wrap up our photo shoot. With the last light of sunset coming down on us we felt truly blessed that they whole day was perfect in every way. Up until one year later, we can still retrace the lovely memories every time we look back at our photographs.... 

Thank you to Adam Ong for such an amazing and memorable pre-wedding shoot.

Gan Wan Xin & Goh Shi Yee 

From the process of coordinating for the actual day, till meeting him in person, Adam has not only been professional in his work, but also hilarious and friendly. He managed to capture all the candid moments with precious emotions during our wedding day in beautiful photos, and we couldn't thank him and his team enough for that. Highly recommended! Thank you Adam & team!

nariza & sean (Brunei)

Adam documented my pre-wedding, destination wedding in bali and finally my tea ceremony so beautifully! My family, friends and wedding guests were raving about his work and we couldn't be more satisfied that he captured all the important moments, creating memories to last a lifetime.


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

My heart is exploding with happiness!! Once again our first family portrait photos are AMAZING!! I am sure you hear this all the time but to capture this moment in time the way you did, well it is just priceless! The pictures turned out beautiful, even given the lack of cooperation!! I look forward to printing them and putting them all over my house! You have been blessed with such an incredible talent. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Had our pre wedding shoot with Adam Ong in Paris and it was the best decision ever made. He is very friendly and cheerful. We feel relax and happy throughout the whole session. Adam is a very experienced photographer. His work is a masterpiece and we like every single one of it.

Highly recommended photographer. I would say he is the best one around.

yunny & andrew

Love Adam’s personality super chill and friendly guy ! I used him for almost all my major events eg: London pre wedding shoot , my ROM , actual wedding , my baby newborn photo and family photos ! He is very patient with me . I like his photo whcih is super natural and not pretentious and he can always capture the most natural moment. highly recommend him and I do think he is one of the best in town


Adam is really professional. We went through a lot of wedding photographer and decided to go with him simply because his portfolio looks natural and amazing. And he didn't disappoint. He was kind enough to offer to stay with his friend in London for our pre-wedding photos and didn't charge us on accommodation which we deeply appreciate.

We were really satisfied with our pre-wedding and wedding day photograph by Adam. Since then, we had introduced a lot of friends to him.

We also decided to do our family photos with him after we had our first baby. That day, my son was very grumpy. But Adam was very patient with him.

We would like to say many thanks to Adam.


Adam first did my family photos a few years back and we had a great experience with him. Adam is able to communicate effectively with us and his ability to capture great pictures is unlike any photographer I have come across. Adam recently photographed my pre wedding, destination wedding and wedding shoot and of course my husband and I were not disappointed. Everyone that saw the pictures were so impressed.

I strongly recommend Adam for not just wedding shoots but also any other occasion.

Thank you again Adam and team!

ivy & andrew

Thank you for being that perfect photographer who captures all that very special moments in my life. Every time when I looked through the photos, I am definitely reliving the moment... and that puts a smile on my face :)


In awe of Adam's talent, skills & passion in photography and his ability in making the whole process feel super comfortable!

We were so thankful to have him document the most important day of our lives. Incredible outcome of the pictures - so natural & beautiful.

Non stop compliments from our guests! If I could, I'd have Adam take pictures for every occasion in our lives :)

Chef Norman Musa, Ning restaurant (Manchester, UK)

We used Adam Ong for the on-location photography for my colourful and stylish cookbook, Malaysian Food. Adam proved his creativity and eye for stylish and creative photography extends beyond portrait and wedding photography. He is very easy to work with and showed no inhibitions to getting the right shots and different angles in difficult, bustling and unpredictable situations such as a Malaysian fresh produce market.

He was also responsible for the photography at our international book launch in Kuala Lumpur. His discrete and professional approach created an incredibly vibrant and varied visual record of our VIP event.

I couldn’t recommend him enough!


We first came across your name on a cousin's FB. What attracted us was the romance that u managed to capture with ur lens. We thought "It is so magical!" With that deep impression, we bookmarked your portfolio page. Years later when our wedding bells rang, we knew instantly on who to look for :) And we are very happy with those moments in Paris that you captured for us. From the day spent with you on the pre-wedding photoshooting in paris, We saw your passion for photography. It ain't about capturing the same old angles; its finding new magical moments to snap. And it all turned out a lots more natural. 

Your photos tell our love story, a story that's unique to us for life time...

I couldn’t recommend him enough!


Life moved miraculously in such a speed that we can’t seize and grasp every moment of our lives. It’s been a year since our wedding and we’re still able to live through the details and moments by looking at your artistry that captures the heart & soul of our wedding. As we continue the course of this life journey, we like to take this opportunity on our anniversary to let you know how much we value your amazing work. These stills are moments that will define us for generation to come because we strongly believe that

Love is how we stay alive, even after we’re gone.’ 

Thank You Adam, for being such a maestro behind the lens.


Thank you so much for the most wonderful photograph. We are absolutely thrilled with them! You have captured our moments perfectly, and they turned out simply amazing! You really do have a talent for capturing the moments. We have no idea what are we going to say else about. As I told you, you always make us WOW!!

We fell so happy that we went with the best, and also glad to have you too..We will treasure all the photos forever. Thank you again!

Jonathan & Penny




lydia & jonas

Adam is able to capture moments in time that we tend to oversee. He listens to briefs very well and was able to deliver in accordance to the type of emotion we wanted to capture during our big day. You can trust Adam to do a brilliant job. On a personal note, he has a big heart and a great sense of humour! We couldn't have asked for more.

lyekuan & ckc choi

6 years ago, my husband and I engaged Adam Ong as our photographer for prewedding shoot in Prague because we adore his work - classic and timeless! We loved and still love all our photos taken by Adam. Now, we engage him again for our child’s first birthday party because we feel confident at his work for this very important event 😊

kimberly Lee

Adam was such a wonderful photographer for our intimate family photoshoot at home to welcome our newest addition. His attention to detail, brilliant use of light and ability to capture the mundane and make it magical gave us so many beautiful memories captured beautifully on film!

In spite of the heat of the day and my toddler's hyperactive energy, Adam kept it cool - and was a delight to work with! Very happy with the photographs he took for us, and would definitely engage his services again in a heartbeat :) x


I first met Adam during my pre-wedding photoshoot in Bali. Very nice and easy going guy. I engaged him recently for my family portrait to celebrate an important milestone, my daughter’s first birthday. He’s so patient with baby and waited for her to wake up from nap. He captured every details such as her grumpy face when she just woke up from nap to changing her to feeding milk etc. These are priceless little moments and he captured all these expressions. We didn’t have any plan or theme, I just left this in his good hands and it turns out to be so good, so so much better than what I expected. I love the photos and he’s the best photographer that I have engaged so far. This definitely will not be my last photoshoot with him.

leonard & jackie

Adam and his team are truly the best! Professional yet friendly. His photos are just amazing! Highly recommended and those who have seen our photos taken by Adam are super impressed. He always captures the right moments!