Despite having shot literally hundreds of pre-weddings since I started my career, there’s always a few which will always be etched in my memory. Ming Lin and Sheng Feng’s pre-wedding in Beijing and Shangri-La China is one of them.

We were blessed with decent weather throughout at the gorgeous locations and this beloved couple were also accommodating and easy to shoot, making the entire session feel even more fun that it could have been.

Another factor which helped was the fact that Ming Lin and Sheng Feng chose not to have conventional bridal wear which could’ve been cumbersome for them to move around in. I feel that thanks to their choice of being in comfortable yet smart looking outfits, combined with Panny’s skilful make up skills as well as their relaxed demeanour, I ended up having a hard time choosing my favourite images for this blogpost.

london united kingdom ShengJie+MeiLi

Having laidback couples like MeiLi and ShengJie meant that we got to experience the streets of London at a time with least crowds, making for classic portraits which weren’t too busy with many pedestrians. Though the weather was gloomy at times, it inspired us to create timeless photos, ones which might make you feel a hint of melancholy but knowing that you always have someone to turn to.

That’s the thing about destination pre-weddings, the weather isn’t something within our control but we do make the best of it, especially when we have couples like MeiLi and ShengJie who go with the flow and embrace it all with a smile.

shanghai china NICHOLAS+JOCELYN

Sometimes, one does feel tired from all the shoots, editing and administrative work which comes with running a photography business.

But having amazing clients like Nic and Jo is truly a great reminder why I love what I do.

We had fun wandering around the streets of Shanghai in China and the overcast weather made for a great backdrop as these two lovebirds sparked up the otherwise mundane day during their destination pre-wedding session there. The Bund never looked as good to me as it did that day with you two around.

Thanks to make up artist Panny for enhancing Jo’s natural beauty, even her whirlwind hair looks beautiful in the breeze.


New Zealand is one of the top pre-wedding photography destination. Nariza and Sean has ticked the checklist to have their pre-wedding photography session in Queenstown right after the announcement of their engagement. We start the day by strolling along the street, warming up with some casual couple shots followed up with Nariza in a smart white pantsuits.We ventured to a more glamorous bridal gown shoot following that, all over the spectacular view as backdrop, indulging and immersing themselves in this magical place. A quick peek into their love journey - they met each other digitally – on Facebook. Sean narrates “…long story short, through some words of encouragement, I mustered up the courage to add Nariza on Facebook…” and it marked the start of the beginning of their long journey of love – together.

melbourne australia LiPeng+Wai chun

Melbourne is known for its cultural diversity, vibrant street art and excellent dining experience. Every corner is full of life.Li Peng and Wai Chun want to celebrate their love in this city of life, as they believe memories need not to be all sparkle and shine. The graffitis remind me that art should not be restricted to laws, property and ownership, same goes for love. 

This pair of love birds opted for a more natural background their pre-wedding photography. Dancing around the city, strolling along the state library, kissing by the Yarra river and walking along the Flinders Street, all these beautiful candid moments, raw emotions, are what I love to document. 

Thanks to them, I get to enjoy great coffee in the coffee capital of the world

paris france RACHAEL+ANDREW

Mention Paris, our minds are will immediately conjure up these pair of combination: champagne and oysters, café and croissants, jambon and beurre, these pairing are just like Paris and Romance. Stop and smell the roses in the city of love, La vie est belle (life is beautiful). It’sRachel and Andrew’s dream to have their pre-wedding photographyin the city of love. The Eiffel Tower has made the this photography session ultra-special. The drizzling weather though challenging, but I managed to present an evocative romantic mood to the photos – so thank you rainy Paris.


Paris, one of the most preferred destination for engagement photo-shoot. Jyy Huey and Kelvin have this cheerful spirit in them that make Paris wedding shoot even more exciting. Jyy Huey, a child at heart, having fun with her fiancé Kelvin, running around the city of love in wedding attire, the scene looks as if the time rolls back to when they were younger and just met – jovial & carefree. Throughout the whole shoot, it feels like I am watching a romance film in the making, except that, this is real. Having ice cream in front of the carousel, singing by the riverbank, playfully chasing each other on the street, kisses by the Post des Arts bridge… 

Everything felt magical, surreal and so this the flavor of love.


Aside from the gorgeous location ,beautiful weather that we were blessed with throughout the shoot, I am happiest when witnessing the the love between Samuel and Lilian. Make up artist - Panny C’s expert hands in making Lilian look even more beautiful than she already is, Samuel’s relaxed demeanor, we spent the day traipsing around Santorini and just photographing at where some may say, one of the most beautiful spot on earth.If you are ever keen on having a timeless pre-wedding session at one of your favourite destinations, feel free to drop us a message here at Adam Ong Photography and we can discuss the endless possibilities there are.


Tokyo - with its eclectic mix of traditional and modern charms, is the ideal pre-wedding photoshoot destination. It holds many beautiful memories for Jason and Pinky. 

My ask is simple “be yourself, and do what you would on a date/outing, I’ll be trailing behind as your “ghost photographer”” – the result is splendid and well-loved by them and many more couple. 

One of my favourite shot is of them kissing at the intersection of Shibuya;fast-paced with constant busy traffics around, I believe that love ought to be cherished and we should slow down our pace to enjoy previous moments with our loved ones. People comes from all walks of life just like the pedestrians at Shibuya Station, but fate will lead us to our that one love.


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