All this sounds way too familiar during the outbreak of COVID-19 that it has become the new norm. We know that life does not always let us tell it where to go, yet no matter how well prepared we are, it is still a huge blow when we are unable to have our dream wedding at a five-star hotel and celebrate with 400 family and friends from near and far.

Hats off to Natalie and Jared and the dream team behind the wedding. Their creativity, patience, and faith made the once in a lifetime occasion a memorable one. Colorful, entertaining, and heartwarming at the same time, despite and in spite of the distance with some loved ones. 

Nobody knows when the pandemic will be over or what tomorrow holds, one thing we know for sure is that there’s going to be a greater appreciation for moments like these once people can be back up and running again


Jane and Jia both donned modernized traditional costume for their Chinese tea ceremony. 

The backdrop is adorned fully with traditional elements; bright red peonies, hanging lanterns, vibrant colours decorateed throughout the living room. Guests are welcomed with happy vibes and joyful ambiance. Jane and Jia both havebig group of friends, there’s no shortage of cheers throughout the tea ceremony.

Chinese Wedding at Four Season Hotel Kuala Lumpur FILIP+LUNA

The bride spent the morning getting ready with her bridesmaids at the Four Seasons Hotel. 

Bringing back the tradition, instead of serving tea with porcelains utensils, they chose to serve tea with Jin with read strings attached at the tip of the each Jin. 

The meaning of the word “卺” (Jin) in “合 卺 酒” was originally a gourd-like gourd. 

In ancient times, people used it for wine drinking purpose during the tea ceremony. This to signify that the wedding unites two individuals as one, working together towards the same goal as husband and wife.

A Fun-filled Chinese Tea Ceremony SHENGJIE+MEILI

You have read this far about my write up of Chinese tea ceremony, do you know what’s the definition of Door Games? Wedding door games are challenges set up by the bridesmaids for the groom as a ceremonial demonstration of the groom's love for the bride. 

Mei Li’s bridesmaids have created multiple difficult tasks for Sheng Jie’s groomsmen, having no mercy to Sheng Jie before receiving Mei Li during the door games challenge. 

Once the groom stated his unbreakable vows, just right before he unveil the bride’s red veil, they are cheered-on by families and friends. Joining them at the tea ceremony, the newlywed couple pay their gratitude to their grandparents, parents and family for their blessing words and wishes in return. This tradition has successfully brings everyone closer and tighter.

Traditional yet Contemporary Chinese Wedding JOSHUA+JESSICA

This wedding has no shortage of color, plus, you can vividly see and even hear the laughter from the photos. Before the groom can take away his wife-to-be, he has to win approval from the bride’s friends and family. 

Joshua and his groomsmen have to gear up to win Jessica’s heart,but first, they have to overcome the various challenges created by Jessica’s guardian angels. This event has successfully gathered both side of family to form a long lasting close knit. 

A beautiful day to be remembered.

A Colorful Multicultural Tea Ceremony LYDIA+JONAS

As family members and guests flying in from all over the world, one could immediately tell that Lydia and Jonas are very much loved and that many chose to make time to celebrate their union.

Lydia and Jonas’ wedding celebration started off with a multi-cultural blessing ceremony which was witnessed by those close and dear to them. This was followed by a fun reception where almost everyone boogied on down after dinner and desserts.

Definitely a day to remember…

Contemporary Chinese Tea Ceremony Matthew+Samantha

Let’s switch the wedding color palette of Chinese wedding. 

This Chinese Tea ceremony of Matthew and Samatha is chic and minimal with a twist of modern touch. Traditionally, the color red symbolizes happiness in Chinese culture which is why, it is often the main color theme in a Chinese wedding. However, Janet and Jason both preferred to keep it subtle, bringing the romance factor yet keeping the tradition of Chinese tea ceremony.

Classy Boogie Couple celebrates Chinese Tea Ceremony YELENG+CHEELEONG

This artistic pair are both art collectors, especially for black and white art pieces. Their house is surrounded with monotone art pieces. Knowing Ye Leng and Chee Leong both having exquisite taste in art, I capture their entire wedding album in black and white. 

In my opinion, black and white photography gave such deep focus of emotions and expressions. The minimal lines, chic filter and clean layout gives a different perspective in viewing wedding photography. 

I hope this series will give some insight and appreciation for the wedding customs in a different light

A colorful multicultureal chinese tea ceremony CHLOE+EMMANUEL

An celebratory event, blending two cultures into one. Emmanuel looking sharp in traditional Chinese wedding costume with huge red fabric ribbon-ties hanging on his chest, he yelled: “ I’m ready for you, Chloe!”, echoed by his fellow groomsmen. 

On the other side, Chloe aware of the boisterous cheers outside, is seen calm while getting ready to be dressed in Kua – a traditional Chinese wedding gown. Up close and personal at Chloe’s designer wedding shoes: it is covered with rich embroidery which form the motifs which symbolized double happiness in marriage. 

Emmanuel slowly walked up the spiral staircase towards his bride. Before joining Chloe, he read his vows using a hailer to amusement and laughter of everyone. I am sure, Emmanuel’s sense of humor is one of the many characteristics which Chloe was swooned by.

Grand Celebration at Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur KARMAN+JASON

This wedding shoot got my team and I on a multitude of emotions as we spent the day capturing the events as they unfolded. We love the camaraderie of the bridal party and the laughters elicited during the traditional Chinese bridal games as well as how emotive Karman and Jason’s family was throughout the entire wedding festivities.

As you can see from the photos we have chosen to showcase below, the whole day was filled with unscripted moments which reminded me that this job that I have, is truly about capturing real moments that unfold throughout a wedding day.

Thanks to one of Kuala Lumpur’s top wedding planner Jovita Lo for making the beautiful wedding even more spectacular than one can expect at the gorgeous venue of Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur.

Lighthearted Tea Ceremony with Intimate Guest List KENNETH+MANDY

One tip that I always give to couples on the wedding day? Pretend your wedding photographer is not there taking photos of you. Well, perhaps only look at us when it’s a portrait session.

Our job is to take photos of you in your best light so don’t worry about having to look perfect for we truly believe that when you are enjoying yourself on your wedding day, that’s when the best and most memorable pictures will be shot.

And as you can see from Kenneth and Mandy’s “chip san liong” as well as traditional Chinese tea ceremony, they took the advice and just had a fun morning of celebrating their union with good friends and family members.


In Malaysia, traditions passed down from the family and community have been adapted and modernized over the decades while some meaningful gestures still stand the test of time. . Still in practice, couple’s new in-laws will give the bride a set of carved gold bracelets and an ornate necklace during the ceremony. Similarly, Jasmine is blessed with well-wishes of prosperity and happiness in the form of various wedding gifts during the tea ceremony to signfy a grand welcome to her as new member of Kerlih’s family. 

Tears and joy intertwined during this ceremony. Warm & heart-felt words and advices of wisdom and wishes filled the air, as the ceremony takes place. 

No doubt, parents always want the best for us and only give us the best, everyday for eternity.


Spiritual meaning of orchid represents love, luxury, beauty and strength. This is the reason why Diane and Joey chose to have their Chinese tea ceremony at The Majestic KL's Orchid Conservatory. The wedding guests were welcomed with thousands of stunning large-petaled blooms and rattan weaved chairs. Such a match in such a lovely ceremony. 

Diane in a traditional Kua, while Joey dress in gentlemen tailored tuxedo brings forth a modern interpretation while respecting the tradition and keeping it alive.