Shooting Andrew and Ivy’s maternity session at their beautiful home was an absolute pleasure as they included their furry family member into the session too. For us here at Adam Ong photography, we believe that pets are also a very important part of family sessions and should definitely be included into the session for they are the ones who are there through our ups and downs.

Seeing how tender Andrew and Ivy is towards their cat, made us realise that they’ll be awesome parents to their baby when the day comes. Wishing these two parents-to-be the very best ahead.


What a pleasure it was to shoot Wendy’s maternity session with her two daughters at the gorgeous venue of Majestic Kuala Lumpur. Seeing how gracefully she carried herself, one wouldn’t have been able to guess that she was carrying twins then! Talk about wonder mama.

It’s always a pleasure for us to shoot different milestones for our clients so having Wendy call us again to shoot this gorgeously styled maternity session was definitely a huge honour.

If you’d like to mark the memorialise your pregnancy with a classic maternity session, feel free to drop us a message here at Adam Ong Photography as we believe that milestones like these should be documented.

Family Portraits OPAL

"Children are growing up fast, aren’t they" We are currently living in a time where family send their love through technology devices, glass divides and locked doors, due to coronavirus. Why not take the initiative of having a family portrait session after MCO? You have built a beautiful relationship with each member of your family, and with the right photographs, you can relive the memories you have shared with one another, time and time again.

Family Portraits II OPAL

Shooting Opal’s family is absolutely fun. This household is full with drawings by their bubbly, cheerful and playful children. Such fun and happy atmosphere is reflective of a harmonious family and it makes the photography session fun. Family portrait is definitely a good activity for family to do things together, to further strengthen family bond The most important thing in the world is family and love.


Sha Leong family is welcoming a newborn soon. Before the arrival of baby number two, it is a good opportunity to make time for a maternity and family portrait to document in photos - precious memories. I am so happy for their family expansion. Their daughter is so cheeky when comes to posing in front of camera. Emmy, Sha Leong’s wife said this to me after receiving the family photo album “Thank you Adam for the beautiful photos! They make me forget about the discomfort of the pregnancy process It was all worthwhile!” 

Being parent is no easy task. as parents are a child’s ultimate guardian and love is the foundation in building a healthy family.

NEWBORN Constance

Welcoming a new little bundle of joy into the world is an exciting journey. Charmaine, a close friend of mine has reached out to me when baby Constance arrived. I’m excited to give Constance her very first photoshoot session to mark her journey in life with Charmaine and family. Baby Constance is definitely a celebrity in her own right, as we got her prepped with a professional baby stylist to art-direct the backfrop of this phoot-shoot. As newborn baby is very fragile and precious – she is also bursting moment of cuteness on the set, everyone just fell in awe by the charm of baby Constance. 

From what I can tell you that Constance parents’ love story has never been come a long way. In short, daddy waited for mummy for some time and patience does pay. Last year they both had their vows exchanged in Danang,Vietnam. I am elated for them, their wedding vow is so touching that the whole crew tears up during that profession of love – true love is definitely worh the wait.


Jyy Huey and Kelvin family is one of my full fledge client, covering from engagement shoot, wedding shoot and now a family portrait. It is such an honour to be able to witness their journey together from a couple to parents with their beautiful son, Xiang Xiang. 

Kelvin and Jyy Huey don the same wedding outfits for this phoot-shoot, the only difference now is that they have Xiang Xiang joining the team. You don’t choose your family and Jyy Huey’s definition of family is aptly put “to us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there.” 

It’s never a dull moment capturing memories with this cheerful family “Xiang Xiang is just growing so fast before I even realise it! We just want to just freeze this moment forever….”as mentioned by Kelvin during the shoot.


Maternity photography importance is not only to celebrate your pregnancy, it is also to appreciate the beauty of carrying a new life in a mothere’s body. In 9 months’ time, a newborn is starting the journey of life. Mothers experience this incredible journey in different ways. 

For me, I personally think pregnancy is the most beautiful period in a woman's life. There’s glow in them that words couldn’t describe.


Aside from wedding photography and family portraits, I do take up some event shoot occasionally. Smile&Co is a boutique, bespoke dental practice based in Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.They offer customized smile design and aesthetic dental solutions using the latest technology. Dentistry is no longer for medical purpose but also a necessity to enhance a person’s appearance and confidence. 

I am impressed with the bright interior design as it doesn’t have the typical clinic outlook. It was cozy as every invited guest walk in to the opening immediately felt the warmth of the team on-duty.

BIRTHDAY EVENT jess mynn turn 3!

Celebrating Jess Mynn birthday alongside with her favorite persona: Elmo – whom is best known for his enthusiastic, friendly and cheerful persona, just like Jess Mynn. Little injury doesn’t ruin her day at all and being around her is never a dull moment as she is playful and cheery... and this brave little lady now turned 3! 

Her grandparents have planned this birthday in The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The special bond between the grandparents and their granddaughter is conveyed so sincerely in this photo album as shown below.

100days celebration DOMINIC

It is a Chinese tradition to celebrate 100th day of a newborn. For Malaysian Chinese community, family is the center of society. A new birth in family brings everyone in together and is an important milestone to mark the arrival of a new family member into the family tree. It is a long-time meaningful ritual to celebrate love and kinship. 

Here’s a glimpse into Dominic’s 100th Day Birthday celebration with his favorite cartoon, 101 Dalmatian as the party’s theme. Filled with velvet cupcakes and quirky dots decorations,this eventgathers relatives, families and friends from near or far.The tradition of this celebration also very meaningful as it is to mark the recovery period post-natal for the mother.While the tradition is still in practice, parents now have inject some mordenism into this celebration as can seen in the photos. 

Every moments of life is worth celebrating, minimally by photos no less. of our life worth the celebration.


Remember Wendy’s maternity session that we shared a few posts ago? Here’s the “products” of her glowing pregnancy - little Charles and Christian. It always feels surreal to me to see my client’s family grow as the years pass by and in this case, to meet the little addition in person.

Luckily for me, these twin boys were absolute angels throughout the session and enabled me to capture the moments that we wanted. The whole family is doting on them and it was obvious that their sisters are already in big sister mode and will take care of them in the years ahead, like big sisters are prone to do.

Thank you again for having shoot your twins first ever family session Wendy. Always a pleasure for us.


Imagine this, A-listers lined up for your birthday party: Wang Lee-Hom, A Lin, Namewee, 動力火车,David Tao and 费玉清 to name a few, you’ll be pumped and excited just looking at the name-list, truly a music fan dream come true! 。This is a secret birthday party by a secret clientele that took place in Sabah. There was country rustic theme tents set up in an island, where every invited guests will need to be whizzed through via boat travel to the party destination. My team and I get to enjoy ourselves while doing what we love best – capturing precious moment, I would say this would be an experience that’s etched deeply in our mind. 

Continue here for Day Two birthday celebration.


Are you ready for round two of birthday celebration? 

It was a fun fair! There are dancers dressed in colorful costume, arcade outdoor games for the young, safari themeand most importantly, a plethora of food – a food paradise to be exact. Just look at the photos! Cheerleading flash mob, endless entertaining performance during the party. This is also a birthday celebration for Baby Raphael, but this event is a great opportunity for the host’s families and friends for a short gateway.

Continue here for Day One birthday celebration.



It is no surprise to see you share the love for Super Mario, the plump Italian plumber with moustache, big nose, wearing a red hat and blue overalls. With catchy tune playing in the background, he jumps over his enemies, though they do not die sometimes; he eats mushrooms to turn into his Super form; he battles to rescue Princess; he clings on to the flag pole to clear level. 

Most dads have hobbies passed down to their sons.

Cheering for Manchester United together in front of TV.

Singing ABBA’s songs together in the car.

Fixing the fishing rod together on a Sunday afternoon. 

What’s yours?


You dash into the room, climb onto the big bed.

You are delighted to see mommy, yet you are overjoyed to touch the baby to whom you have only spoken through mommy’s belly. 

So soft, so cuddly, so angelic. And the subtle scent of the baby’s head. 

How can there be something so tiny? How can a yawn be so fascinating to watch? What are you dreaming when you frown?

Although the baby smell will fade one day, and you both will grow bigger, and may fight with each other over toys and snacks at every chance you get, may these pictures remind you that you were each other’s first love.


On the campus of the oldest university in Malaysia where the grandparents first met and fell in love, the family happily boarded an old customized bus. In the rearview mirror, the image faded into another picture of the early days.

Those were the days the young man dreamed of becoming a father with strong, broad shoulders, and the young woman a mother with loving kindness.

Then came the days when a boy with his cheeky smile entered the world, then a girl who cried like her. 

Someday the young father would grow into a wise, quiet grandad, and the young mother a grandma with a gentle smile.

They held each other’s hand, rain or shine, like a family. 

They stood by each other, with tears or laughter, as a family.


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