NEWBORN Constance

Welcoming a new little bundle of joy into the world is an exciting journey. Charmaine, a close friend of mine has reached out to me when baby Constance arrived. I’m excited to give Constance her very first photoshoot session to mark her journey in life with Charmaine and family. Baby Constance is definitely a celebrity in her own right, as we got her prepped with a professional baby stylist to art-direct the backfrop of this phoot-shoot. As newborn baby is very fragile and precious – she is also bursting moment of cuteness on the set, everyone just fell in awe by the charm of baby Constance. 

From what I can tell you that Constance parents’ love story has never been come a long way. In short, daddy waited for mummy for some time and patience does pay. Last year they both had their vows exchanged in Danang,Vietnam. I am elated for them, their wedding vow is so touching that the whole crew tears up during that profession of love – true love is definitely worh the wait.