lutheran centre CALVIN+PEARLYN

From their first look, to their soulful ceremony, to their first dance - there wasn’t a moment during Pearly and Calvin’s wedding celebration that wasn’t meaningful.

There is a reason for couples to include certain rituals to their wedding day and for us, we believe that each of these rituals are meaningful for the couple and would be something for them to look back on years down the road so that they can rekindle the feeling of love that they have for each other.

Having the pleasure of shooting couples like Pearly and Calvin reminds me why I love being a wedding photographer even after more than 10 years in the industry. It isn’t only about shooting classic pictures which will remain timeless nor is it only about making my couples look gorgeous but it’s about capturing moments which will ignite emotions even way after the memorable day.

bali indonesia NARIZA+SEAN

On this glorious day,

You pledge to make each other smile even when it turns gloomy.

By the calm and beautiful water,

You promise to stand by each other even when life leads you into the furious and raging sea.

Surrounded by the most supportive families and friends,

You commit yourselves as each other’s greatest fan even when the whole world turns its back on you.

Before the most dazzling you,

You vow to hold each other’s hand, even when they are full of wrinkles, until death separates you.

glasshouse seputeh JACK+KATIE

First looks are the best time for the couple to have a moment together, just the two of them, before the hustle and bustle of the day starts off. We love that Jack and Katie made some time for that, it meant for relaxed portraits, just a quick respite from the day that was.

The day was a relaxed affair and with their laidback demeanour, my team Quarter A and I felt such joy just shooting the event as it unfolded through the evening with much laughter and catching up between the newlyweds and their friends and family.

As always Glass House Seputeh provided the perfect canvas for the perfect wedding and here are some of our favourite shots from that lovely evening.


As family members and guests flying in from all over the world, one could immediately tell that Lydia and Jonas are very much loved and that many chose to make time to celebrate their union.

Lydia and Jonas’ wedding celebration started off with a multi-cultural blessing ceremony which was witnessed by those close and dear to them. This was followed by a fun reception where almost everyone boogied on down after dinner and desserts.

Definitely a day to remember…


This modern romance affair take place in The Empire Brunei. We all known Brunei for it’s Brunei Royal Wedding and lavish cultural ceremony. However, for Vivian and Kean Hong, is all about the modern glam simplistic wedding in the city of where both found each other’s love.

Before Vivian walking down the aisle, there’s a touching moments between her and her father. It is admirable there’s moments between father and the bride, right before the wedding ceremony, they were words passing down between them as the bride will be in the next chapter of life of her own. As the wise once said “A good father will leave his imprint on his daughter for the rest of her life.”

ben's ipoh JANE+KELVIN

We live in the world where what we do has to be out there on the internet. Our life no longer being private, every status on Facebook suddenly become matters.

However, this couple, Kelvin & Jane, both having different approach to their lifestyles. Being friendly and popular among friends themselves, instead throwing a huge party to announce their next life chapter, they have indeed a small cosy wedding at Ben’s Signature, Ipoh. A place was built with the theme of retro and vintage oriented things. As you can tell, is not about how grand or lux the venue is going to be; is all about the story, the emotion, the warmth it projects when people gather around together. And that, give the wedding a little extra specials.

Marriage, at least what I’ve heard, is to be eternal, find the one person that fills your heart with joy, the story of two in love with each other finally tie a knot together. A ceremony meant to be private, celebrate with close-friends, immediate families and people whom has impact your life. What I see behind the shutter is bonding: the close knit feelings with all the arrival wedding guest. Never a moment is awkward sprinkle in the air, I felt the joy in them too!

Everyone got really relax, creating the feel of “more-at-home” atmosphere. Just look at the invitation card, it started with “Welcome grandma!”. Love the sense of humour of Kelvin & Jane. 

shangri-la hotel sabah FANG+BING

Sabah is richly blessed with natural wonders and rich cultural heritage which make it an ideal destination for ecotourism, not to mention an ideal wedding destination. 

Imagine this, you are surrounded by natural beauty: winds breezing, surrounded with tropical atmosphere, lighthearted wedding ceremony with soundtrack orchestrated by the ocean wave and dinner around the sunset. Your dream wedding begins at Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa, Kota Kinabalu. 

Fang and Bing’s wedding was a lighthearted island celebration at its finest.


If you watch Hollywood series on Netflix, the mood of old Hollywood glam best describe Mabel and Leonard’s wedding. The Majestic hotel’s Orchid room provides an ambience of botanical wonder with a hanging garden and orchid scape within a glass atrium, as if your wedding is happening back in the Malayan times. This couple sure know how to throw a party with their families and friends, dining in the magic garden filled with glitters, crystal decors and yet a cosy wedding with limited guests. They both enjoy their wedding celebrations with close families and friends.

As both exchanging heartfelt wedding vows, both burst into tears and laughters with the promise to each other “You will forever be my always”, what a beautiful love story.


Lynn and Pete’s wedding was an absolute blast to shoot! My team Quarter A and I were just smiling behind our cameras as we shot the full day of festivities as these newlyweds immersed themselves in celebrating their union.

And that is what we love. When couples are just enjoying the day and not fretting over what will happen next, for we believe that on your wedding day, everything will fall in place. Even if things don’t go according to plan, it will still be one of the most memorable day of your life.

Once again, we are grateful to have been able to work alongside wedding professionals like My Wedding Planner as well as make up artist extraordinaire Remy Ngan.

Lynn and Pete’s church ceremony as held at St Francis Xavier and their fun filled dinner was held at The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Please enjoy the pictures as they really communicate how the wonderful day panned out.


Unfold the next chapter in life starting with holding your hands, carefully, pulling you closer to my heart. Let’s spare some moments on these beautiful set up of #你是我的ShengMing wedding in Beijing. Beautiful Malaysian couple who appreciate heritage. Ming Lin and Sheng Feng both indulge themselves in traditional Chinese culture wedding ceremony in Beijing. Little that you know, this ceremony was held at a place known as “Dong Yuan” (东苑)- Originally was an Imperial Garden built by Ming Emperor, through times, The Imperial Garden was renovated in the Qing Dynasty but its general appearance remained as it was in the Ming Dynasty.

A glimpse inside the couple’s mind, reason they pick such a rich historical place to celebrate their wedding ceremony is mainly because they both felt reconnect again with their roots, culture and ancestry history.

All in all, thanks to this lovely couple, I get to fully experience this beautiful traditional wedding in contemporary way.


This love story started its episode with the moment Nicholas lay eyes on Juliana at Besih riot event in Chicago two years ago before these two lovebirds decide to tie a knot. What are the odds? Sometimes, you can’t really predict the circumstances how you meet “ the one”, when it needs to happen, it happens! How two souls from same destination end up seeing each other in a country far from home. Every guests who joined the wedding ceremony end up in happy tears when the groom read his speech to the bride full with love with the vows as — “ I will continue to support you no matter what, to push you, inspire you and learn with you…” 

Is always great when you finally found someone whom constantly find you interesting day by day and willing to wonder life with you for the rest of their life. 

shangri-la hotel johann+michelle

One of the perks of being wedding photographer is that I get to experience many kind of luxury weddings. This wedding held in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, one of the luxury hotel that caters big wedding — Shangri La Hotel. 

The union of Johann and Michelle with the motto of “ Let love sparkle”, I would say the wedding planner ( name ) has hit the brief perfectly with throwing lavish rose gold covering the wedding hall and blooms of flowers accentuate the flavour of romance. As for their love stories are closely embedded with the beliefs in God — Bliss all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endure all. Love never fails.


Every little girls’ dream is to have a beautiful church wedding when they grow up. Having a church wedding is just very unique and special things become part of your marriage, on the day itself and beyond. For couples looking to wed in Catholic Church in Kuala Lumpur, you can definitely look up to Church of the Holy Rosary, a beautiful Neo-Gothic style monument that caters to the city's Chinese Catholic community. 

Once the pianist starts playing the entrance wedding score “ I Offer My Life ” , Diane the bride escorts by his father walking down the aisle, joining Joey whom standing nervously besides the priest. This couple, Diane and Joey both look absolutely stunning and even more, kiss under the five pieces of beautiful stained glass windows depicting the five Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary. Such beautiful moments has been freeze into timeless photographs. 

Click here for Diane and Joey’s wedding reception.


When the night falls, is the meaning of big feast for the celebration of Diane and Joey.

Viking table settings has been on trend now. Decorate with candlelight, more fun in a dimly lit room. Attractive centrepieces carefully curated by professional florist that gives personality to their wedding day. Glamorous wedding reception followed by Circus theme after party. The wild side of the couple has finally revealed! Every guests enjoyed their time at the dance floor along with state-of-the-art animal statues. Cheers, singing and many more gagging end the night of grand wedding reception at Mandarin Oriental.

Click here for Diane and Joey’s wedding ceremony.

JW MARRIOTT hotel wedding RECEPTION vera+Sherwin

Wedding comes in different kind and size. There are many games/tasks during Chinese gate-crashing where the groom will need to pass before the groom can make his way to “claim” his bride away.. It is hilarious to observe the groomsmen “suffering” for the sake of maintaining the bro code while going through the impossible tasks created by fellow bridesmaids. Well, these session has successfully engage the guests as Vera and Sherwin as both have friends from all around the world and for them to understand and experience first-hand, the intricacies of the Chinese wedding customs, and some updated to give it a modern touches.. Everyone immediately warms up during the door games and laughter filled the room immediately. Once the knight has finally won the princess’heart, the happy couple lead the group of families and friends to the wedding reception. 

Bringing back the classics, white and gold glam wedding. Smell the roses as you dine, soak in the atmosphere of love in the celebration of Vera and Sherwin.


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