BEN'S IPOH Jane+Kelvin

We live in the world where what we do has to be out there on the internet. Our life no longer being private, every status on Facebook suddenly become matters.

However, this couple, Kelvin & Jane, both having different approach to their lifestyles. Being friendly and popular among friends themselves, instead throwing a huge party to announce their next life chapter, they have indeed a small cosy wedding at Ben’s Signature, Ipoh. A place was built with the theme of retro and vintage oriented things. As you can tell, is not about how grand or lux the venue is going to be; is all about the story, the emotion, the warmth it projects when people gather around together. And that, give the wedding a little extra specials.

Marriage, at least what I’ve heard, is to be eternal, find the one person that fills your heart with joy, the story of two in love with each other finally tie a knot together. A ceremony meant to be private, celebrate with close-friends, immediate families and people whom has impact your life. What I see behind the shutter is bonding: the close knit feelings with all the arrival wedding guest. Never a moment is awkward sprinkle in the air, I felt the joy in them too!

Everyone got really relax, creating the feel of “more-at-home” atmosphere. Just look at the invitation card, it started with “Welcome grandma!”. Love the sense of humour of Kelvin & Jane.