BEIJING SHANGHAI Shengfeng+minglin

Unfold the next chapter in life starting with holding your hands, carefully, pulling you closer to my heart. Let’s spare some moments on these beautiful set up of #你是我的ShengMing wedding in Beijing. Beautiful Malaysian couple who appreciate heritage. Ming Lin and Sheng Feng both indulge themselves in traditional Chinese culture wedding ceremony in Beijing. Little that you know, this ceremony was held at a place known as “Dong Yuan” (东苑)- Originally was an Imperial Garden built by Ming Emperor, through times, The Imperial Garden was renovated in the Qing Dynasty but its general appearance remained as it was in the Ming Dynasty.

A glimpse inside the couple’s mind, reason they pick such a rich historical place to celebrate their wedding ceremony is mainly because they both felt reconnect again with their roots, culture and ancestry history.

All in all, thanks to this lovely couple, I get to fully experience this beautiful traditional wedding in contemporary way.