Wedding comes in different kind and size. There are many games/tasks during Chinese gate-crashing where the groom will need to pass before the groom can make his way to “claim” his bride away.. It is hilarious to observe the groomsmen “suffering” for the sake of maintaining the bro code while going through the impossible tasks created by fellow bridesmaids. Well, these session has successfully engage the guests as Vera and Sherwin as both have friends from all around the world and for them to understand and experience first-hand, the intricacies of the Chinese wedding customs, and some updated to give it a modern touches.. Everyone immediately warms up during the door games and laughter filled the room immediately. Once the knight has finally won the princess’heart, the happy couple lead the group of families and friends to the wedding reception. 

Bringing back the classics, white and gold glam wedding. Smell the roses as you dine, soak in the atmosphere of love in the celebration of Vera and Sherwin.