After dating for 5 years, Edwin and Eng Shan decided to bring their love story to the next chapter. Before slipping into the rich embroidered Kua – a traditional Chinese traditional wedding gown, Eng Shan wears a semi-transparent organza sleep gown, together with her bridesmaids in dark green sleep gown stood in front of the camera to be photographed. Moments of their friendships and helping Eng Shan getting ready for her next phase of life has now been etched in the photos and will be a timeless documents to cherish for a very long time to come/ With her mother’s help, Eng Shan is dressed into the Kua and time is well spent for for further mother-daughter precious moments. Before she was stunningly covered with red veil, she kneeled and bowed to her parents, as gratitude to her parents for raising her into a lady she is now today. Edwin has this joyful happy-go-lucky personality, who is capable to cheer up everyone during the wedding, especially Eng Shan.