The moment mummy let go of his tiny hands for the first time,

In shaky baby steps, though, he walked without looking back.

His eyes widened, with excitement and pride.

He stumbled and fell, yet he picked himself up again before anyone could reach him.

In another decade or so, mummy will once again let go of his big hands.

With determined strides this time, he will walk without looking back.

His eyes fix on his goals and dreams. 

He might stumble somewhere, yet she believes he will pick himself up again just as he has done many times before.

His bravery touches her ordinary life.

Her unchanging love carries him.

詞:鄭華娟/張艾嘉 曲:鄭華娟

當我偷偷放開你的手 看你小心地學會了走

你心中不明白離愁 於是快樂地不回頭

簡單的心 簡單的要求 最怕看見你把淚兒流

原來是沒有夢的我 如今卻被你來感動

世間冷暖早就看透 為你我願一切從頭

聚散悲歡傷春秋 只要你微微笑


成敗紛亂上心頭 因為你柔柔的手

怎樣的未來 都能抵擋勇敢承受

當你緊緊貼近我的心 要我聆聽著你的聲音

心連心如此地相印 人間最溫暖的感情

不變的話 不會變的愛

不需要牽掛 不用害怕

這世界到底有多大 握緊我的手

有我陪你 看你長大