We stepped into 2020 with Coronavirus pandemic. It has shaped our life differently such as we learn to practice social distancing, stay home and avoid huge crowd gathering. For many weddings has to postpone due to COVID-19. However, with Malaysia appears to have flattened the curve, some economic and social activities that do not involve mass gatherings would be allowed to open.

So now, scrape away big wedding in 2020. What about small intimate wedding?

Here’s the reasons why:

1) The World is Your Oyster, get creative with your venue

Perhaps the trend no longer in hotel ballroom, space like private home, museum, bar, heritage home…It create the sense of curated persona, ambience that speaks for the couple, that makes your wedding ultra-special. 

Here are some space to be considered, for example, Ben’s Signature Ipoh, Nyonya Mansion Penang, Farm in the City, National Art Gallery and the lists can goes on.

2) Spend quality time with guests

While your guest-lists are the ones has really close connections with you, you get to enjoy after party, end the day with quality chat and fine wine to catch up with your friends and family. Because after the your next life chapter, you will find very little time to catch up with your close ones.

3) Invited VIP Only

Save your energy on 50-100 guest lists and focus on those that gave impact in your life. The people whom sincerely want to celebrate your big news matters.

4) Limit toddlers and Plus-Ones

That way you only sort with the guest-list invitation as small as possible. A good way to really sit down and catch up with your guests without interruptions. Is not about the parents, is about you and your partner!

5) No Stress No Drama

Trust me, you don’t want drama to mess up your perfect day. Lesser the crowd, easier to handle. Your wedding will feel more like home with close-knit friends and family, instead a production.

6) Wedding that shows persona

Making a space feel intimate can be so fun, as you have the opportunity to get really creative with seating and table layouts, decor, music playlists and great food!

7) A More Relax Atmosphere

Everyone got really relax, creating the feel of “more-at-home” atmosphere.

8) Get to avoid Wedding Amnesia

When launching big wedding, everything happens in fast paced mood and end up getting very little memory of the big day itself. With small intimate wedding, you can remember every sweet memory, don’t need to rely on the wedding video to walk down the memory lane.

9) Budget saving, save for honeymoon

Sometimes people get upset when comes to finance huge event, people willing to spend at all cost on their wedding. But, with intimate affair, it helps a lot in cutting cost, and spend on the wedding essentials. At the end of the day, you get to have fun!

10) Photographer will love you

You would definitely want to remember this day, no matter what. With micro wedding, photographer get to focus on the couple, get more emotional shots without interrupt by huge crowds.