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The ‘New Normal’ for celebrating weddings in the age of global pandemic world is going to be different. Covid-19 has made many couples planning their celebrations differently. We’ve seen weddings taking place on Zoom web-meetings or intimate small/micro weddings, many have been very innovative in finding the silver lining despite the challenges this pandemic brings forth to do the age-old tradition – to celebrate love. 

Looking into another perspective, we’ve seen some couples have been out each other’s lives in-person, due to lockdown imposed. This inevitable short-term separation has bring forth a closer bond among them, basing on some clients who have engaged us in their wedding photography planning for 2020/2021 during this lockdown period.

We are sharing some tips of our discussions with them: 

1) Communicate more 

This has present opportunities for couple to know each other more with various technology assisted web & app calls


2) Change of plans doesn’t mean change of heart 

We often hearthe quote “It will always be you” in wedding vows. We know that many plans opting for big, glamorous wedding celebrations may not materialize in the short term due to this pandemic; it could be devastating to some couples as endless hours of planning may have been wasted. However, changing your wedding plan to cater to the current wedding SOP , yes it may mean more time invested again to plan your wedding but note that the love you have for each other has not, and it may have even deepen. In hindsight, you may have time to think about the new normal wedding celebration that you’ll have – either an online technology assisted or a smaller intimate scale version. 

3) Planning a wedding at home or virtually 

We’ve seen it on social media; of couples celebrating their wedding ceremony in the living room joined by family & friends via Zoom meetings. Dress up and decorate your surroundings to spice things up a little, hire a wedding photographer to capture the moment of union with just two of you, exchanging vows, it creates a very intimate, private and cozy wedding. 

4) Building a life-long team together 

You get to go through your life and wedding plan closely with your partner. Showing appreciation to little moments in life, doing things together to spend time, accomplish tasks/chores together – will foster a sense of teamwork for the building of a life-long team, together. This will increase couple’s appreciation of each other and deepen the existing relationship that you already have. 

5) Wedding celebration can wait 

COVID-19 is a challenge to our movement like never before, but it can’t stop your love. We know you are eager to realize what you’ve planned - get dressed in dream wedding gown, splendor wedding cake, amazing decor in your dream wedding, and most importantly celebrating your love together as new couple with the presence of your families and friends. Though this unfortunately have to wait for the pandemic to ease off, it will eventually come. For example, Bruneian singer/actor, Wu Chun (吳尊) (who gained popularity in Taiwan) has been o his spouse for 16 years, had their wedding ceremony recently in March 2020. The ceremony is still as sweet and evoked loving emotions all over the place. This is evident thatlove remains and become stronger even with the ceremony delayed for close to 16 years later. 

The perks of delay your wedding is that you might have your kids to attend your wedding, which will shape your experience in wedding.All in all, even though we are still adjusting to the new norm, it will never stop us from celebrating our big day. The most important things are do what makes you happy!