News fresh from the oven, minister has agreed to standardise the maximum limit of participants or attendees according to space capacity alongside compliance with social distancing starting July 15. 

Worry not, I am here to share with you some of the great picturesque scenic locations where you can host wedding events during RMCO. Suitable also for you who are planning for a modern wedding reception that are intimate and refreshing from the common wedding events and it’s all in Malaysia.


This location is nestled amidst the raw hilltop surroundings of Seputeh area, Kuala Lumpur. Glasshouse venue will make your event stand-out as if it’s a rehash of the fairy tales. It is certainly a refreshing and special experience for you and your guests. Glasshouse offers flexibility in floor plans and if customizable to fit the requirement of your wedding event. For some inspiration, head on to my coverage on our lovely client at this location; Jack + Katie’s wedding. 


Looking for a relaxing and wanting to create a homely feeling and atmosphere for your guests? You can find it all here, the offering from The Big Group; Ben’s Signature. You’ll have the relaxing homely atmosphere and great F&B options too. Our clients Jane + Kelvin have their wedding event here and it was a fun and memorable event for everyone present. 


This refurbished hotel exudes an old age charm with a modern setup and amenities is one of the popular choices among my clients. This particular location in the hotel is particularly preferred as it provides a soothing and calm floral botanical location where one can experience a hanging garden with myriad of orchid plants and arrangements – all within a private enclosure. Definitely a must experience location for a quality and intimate time with family and friends, on your big day. Let’s have a look at the memories I photographed for Diane + Joey wedding at The Majestic Hotel kuala lumpur


Kuala Lumpur Let’s have a look at the visual love story between Nicholas + Joliana. Aren’t you mesmerized with the photographic story which is further enhanced by the décor and location that is Le Méridien Glasshouse? This location is capable of accommodating 250 people during wedding event. Marvel at the clear glass architectural structure and how it allows in sunlight to warm and light up the aisle while the couple march into the hall, signifying a bright, hopeful and happy journey into the next phase of life. Just beautiful, that’s all I can say and this venue is a great booster to that. 


Why not add on to the memories and milestones of your home by having your wedding events there? This is certainly an option for us who grows up in a family home. This will be a place where we have infinite fond memories of us growing into the person we are today. Home can create a good conversation piece with the guests and evoke many more memories of yesteryears with the family. 

"I want to have a traditional wedding as it’s more inclusive, especially with an extended family of many elders – what is my option?" Yes many of my clients do prefer the traditional way of preserving heritage, have a look at some of the Chinese Tea Ceremony I’ve covered.

I truly hope that you will find these suggestions useful in advancing your plan for wedding events/ceremonies during RMCO. It is certainly doable with some required safety steps required for us to break the chain and flatten the curve of this pandemic. Do head over to my previous blog post on how you can plan and execute a smaller wedding which is more intimate and effective in this new normal that we’re. 

Let’s continue where we left off as love will continue no matter where and what situation we are in. Let’s do our part to be well & safe, for our loved ones and the others.