Growing up with Marvel and DC comics, it is not hard to tell why most of us when young (or even now) idolize and adore superhero. As young ones, we favor the idea of having superpowers or even protected by superheroes we came across on mainstream media. Most of us are blessed in life with such superhero figure – in the form of our father. 

Stay at home dad, fierce dad, single parent dad, cool dad etc. they come in various persona and we love them to bits as he is still forever our beloved and endearing dad of all-time. Their love and time for us as a family unit really deserves active appreciation. It can come in the form of the oft-time missing “I love you dad!”, the not-so often phone/video-call and if they are staying with you/nearby – why not a personal home-cooked feast for everyone to celebrate together! 

Father’s Day usually take place on the third Sunday of June, have you ever wondered how is this day celebrated around the world? Here are some that I managed to find out: 

United States 

The first Father’s Day service can be credited to Mrs. Grace Golden Clayton for suggesting for a special day to her minister, following the Monongah mining disaster where 250 fathers were lost their lives, leaving thousands of child being orphaned. 

United Kingdom 

A kingdom that creates unwritten rules for “Being a Gentlemen” guideline definitely treats Father’s Day as a compulsory occasion. A wonderful day to honor fatherhood. Children usually make hand-made cards, drawings and paintings for their father. A day to honor of one thousand children whom lost their father. 


Celebration here differs as fathers have to participate in 21 kilometers run through the capital city, named as Carrera del Día del Padre


Father's Day known as 父の日 is celebrated on the third Sunday of June as well. It is an important occasion to shower gratitude and respect to father by giftings. According to a survey, most Japanese will gift to their fathers present ranging from alcohol beverages, sweets, warm clothing, sports equipment and even unagi. Most families prefer to celebrate this by spending time together. 


Nepal is a place full of colorful cultures. They have religious rituals named Gokarna Aunsi, Kushe Aunsi or Buba ko mukh herne din, lined up for the day, where it is also to pay respect to fathers who has passed-on with various prayers and food offering. 


Here, Father’s Day is celebrated on the 40th day of Easter. It is a time to celebrate men being men; hence it is called “Men’s Day”. Like every father’s wish, they are granted a day off to drink, sing, ride a group bike with more booze or gather in the park for grill and games. 


Father’s Day here is celebrated on the first Sunday of September with a feast. Families take this occasion to shower their fathers with meaningful gifts, spend quality time over a hearty breakfast and barbecue dishes with family. It is a time to had fun together and to remind everyone the importance of maintaining a close bond between fathers and their family unit. 

No matter where and how Father’s Day is celebrated, commonality across is that it is a day where fathers are celebrated by family members, where we take time and effort to show how much his love and responsibilities mean to us and made us grown as the person we are today. 

As a photographer, I have been photographing such fatherly bond with their children across assignments. I lost count on the many touching and emotional moments where father will share their anecdotes, tips, and words of wisdom to their children during weddings, family portrait photo-shoots and more. Such words and beautiful moments are to be cherished forever. 

When is the last time you have such conversation/moments with your father? Most importantly, have you had the opportunities to document and photograph such beautiful moments of bonding and togetherness as a family unit? Likely not often. I’ll implore you to seize it now, make it happen, and do it frequently. 

Happy Father’s Day – cherish every beautiful moments.