Postpone. Cancel. Suspend. Call off. Reschedule.

All this sounds way too familiar during the outbreak of COVID-19 that it has become the new norm. We know that life does not always let us tell it where to go, yet no matter how well prepared we are, it is still a huge blow when we are unable to have our dream wedding at a five-star hotel and celebrate with 400 family and friends from near and far.

Hats off to Natalie and Jared and the dream team behind the wedding. Their creativity, patience, and faith made the once in a lifetime occasion a memorable one. Colorful, entertaining, and heartwarming at the same time, despite and in spite of the distance with some loved ones. 

Nobody knows when the pandemic will be over or what tomorrow holds, one thing we know for sure is that there’s going to be a greater appreciation for moments like these once people can be back up and running again